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About Blog

We are here to empower you, not to keep you stuck in dead end relationships that will ultimately end in heartbreak. We no longer want you to feel powerless in your relationships, but help you find your power and use your power to make the changes necessary to take your relationships to the next level. We are not and will not be enablers.

If you are too afraid to do the right things and instead want justification for doing the wrong things, you need to seek help elsewhere. As hard as it is to try a different approach, it is much more difficult to use the same tactics over and over again that don’t work.

It is time that you were treated with respect. It is time you felt like an equal partner in your relationships. It is time for the endless fighting to stop, and the healing to begin. Stop feeling like a victim from this day forward. You are more in control than you think, you just allowed someone else to take the wheel.
We are here to guide you through all the challenges that come with affairs of the heart. We encourage you to feel free to comment on our postings and contact us if you are in need of our services. We look forward to working with you to create and maintain the relationship you want and deserve.