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6 Gifts For Your Son On His Wedding Day

6 Gifts For Your Son On His Wedding Day

As you probably know from your own experience, wedding days can easily become all about the bride. All eyes are drawn to her as she glows in her beautiful wedding gown, even your son’s. And there’s nothing wrong with your future daughter-in-law receiving lots of attention. But a wedding needs a bride and a groom, so as the mother of the groom, don’t forget to get a special gift for your son on his wedding day so he doesn’t feel left out.

Family Heirloom

Giving a family heirloom is a special (not to mention free) gift. Whether it’s a pocket watch or ring that’s been handed down through generations, this gift is the perfect way to incorporate family history into a day that’s all about love, life and family.

Cufflinks or a Tie Clip

A nice pair of cufflinks or a tie clip is a sensible gift.  It’ll be something special he can wear now and later, and it will become a keepsake he’ll cherish forever. Add a personal touch by engraving his initials, wedding date or favorite sports team’s logo on it.

Day-Of Letter

If you’re a woman of words, write your son a heartfelt, honest letter expressing your admiration and appreciation for the blessing he’s been in your life. Tell him you’re proud of the man he’s become. Tell him you know he’ll be a fantastic husband. Tell him a funny memory from his childhood to help lighten his wedding day nerves. But above all, just let him know how much you love him.

Good Luck Token

On the morning of his wedding day, give your son a small token of good luck to carry with him throughout the day. Choose a pocket token that says, “I love you” or has a picture of him and a loved one who’s passed away on it so they can be there with him on his big day. You can also opt for something cultural that’s supposed to be lucky for newlyweds, like a wooden love spoon (Welsh tradition), bamboo plant or Jordan almonds (a tasty Greek and Italian tradition).

Sponsor a Child in Need

If your son spends his time helping others, he’d want you to do the same. So instead of buying a gift for your son on his wedding day, honor him by donating to a children’s charity in his name. Several global organizations provide kids with food, water, clothes, immunizations, education and more, but most can only do this through donations and sponsorships from people like you.


If something special or unique doesn’t come to mind, then go with something more practical—money. You may not think it’s a fun or unique gift, but what person doesn’t want cash? He’ll be able to use it towards whatever he wants, so you know he’ll get something he likes and will actually use.

Weddings are stressful, so don’t stress too much over this wedding gift. You know your son better than anyone, and no matter what you decide to give him, he’ll love it because he loves you.

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