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How To Get Your Ex Back Fast

How To Get Your Ex Back Fast

Breaking up sometimes might become too tough to handle and this usually leads to some people going crazy and doing some unbelievable things.

Well, other people might have an opinion that breaking up offers you an opportunity to explore relationships with other different people. But in some cases, breaking up usually becomes the wrong decision you might have made.

After a break up, many of us will always come back to our senses and realized we had messed up only o find out that our significant half has long gone away and moved on.

Well, if you ever find yourself in this situation, these simple tips below might be your only chance of getting him or her back. Trust me they do work.

5 Simple tips to help you get back your ex

  1. Avoiding begging

If you think this relationship is worth it and you also see a potential of getting far with it, you will have to do some things while also avoiding doing other things.

When you are avoiding the begging technique, it means you are choosing to bekeeping your dignity. In as much as your ex will be feeling sorry for whatever is happening to you, they will also see how weak and desperate you are.

This will usually make you less attractive. You need to show your ex that you are ready and that you see your relationship with them going far than going for the desperate move.

  1. Stop playing games

It won’t be a good idea if you decide to go for your theatrics and acting technique while trying to reach out and get your ex back.

Acting as if you are dating someone else just to get back at your ex to make them jealous is really not a cleaver move.

This might even spook things up later if at all you ever got back together. You need to behave like an all grown adult and act mature all the time. 

  1. Avoid holding your ex ransom

You know this is one of the main reasons for breakup, right?Well, even though it may hurt that much, trust me you can still live without them. This might be difficult in the beginning but later we all get used to it.

However, in as much as you would do anything to get back with your ex, using threats won’t solve the problem for you. Some people always, choose to go for this move and threaten to even commit suicide if there ex won’t get back to you.

In most cases, you will only be making them feel as if they are being manipulated. They will also feel pressured and this will only make them think they were right to break up with you in the first place. 

  1. Show how changed you are don’t just say it

Some relationships usually end just because your partner thought there was something you were lacking. Well, now that you want them back, what are you doing about it?

Perhaps it ended because you were never listened to them or that you were insecure among other things. You need to show that you’ve changed, even if you are writing a letter or sending an email.

Make sure you also explain how you will pull this out. Talk to your ex with much more respect if this was the main reason for your break up.

  1. Saying sorry seems like a good idea

People usually think boys never say sorry. Well, to be honest some don’t but if you really want to get your ex back, you need to put your ego aside.

Saying sorry doesn’t make you less of a man and who knows maybe this could be the only thing standing between you and your ex.

Learn to say sorry especially if you know you are the one on the wrong side as this might be your only chance of getting back together and rekindling your love.


Finding love is one thing and keeping I is another thing but if you can be able to find it and keep it at the same time, it will be a beautiful thing.

Breakups are always there and will continue to be there but the big question is, how you will be able to handle it.Getting back with your lost love can work or can only get worse depending on your reasons for making up. If you’re really up to the task, learn how to get your ex back with this site, I really recommend it.

The above simple steps can really help you go a long way when practiced correctly. No relationship is usually perfect but you can always learn and try to maintain almost a perfect one by loving and making each other happy.

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