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Gynaecologist: Physician Concentrates Upon Women Health

Gynaecologist: Physician Concentrates Upon Women Health

Every woman from teenage years should visit a gynaecologist to promote and evaluate good health. From puberty or teenage years, the reproductive organs start to mature and many problems also start to appear. So, women must book a schedule to visit a gynaecologist.

What does a gynaecologist do?

A gynaecologist is physician who treats diseases of female reproductive organs. He concentrates upon providing best health-care to women. They start the treatment by performing some tests to ensure reproductive health. The physical condition of the patient is examined by performing a pap smear, STD tests, breast exam and monitoring her use of birth control. Diseases like diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cervical cancer, etc. are treated by a gynaecologist. Those female patients having lower abdominal pain or sexual pain are checked of vaginal infections and urinary tract infections. Various minor surgeries such as tube tying are also performed by these medical practitioners.

Education to be a gynaecologist

An individual who wants to be a gynaecologist must go through rigorous education. After completing schooling and graduation with high marks he has to complete four years of medical school. Then he should pursue internship and residency of three to eight additional years. Some gynaecologist completes the certification exam by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The role of the latter is enhanced to a large extent as they are only authorized to conduct deliveries. So when you choose a doctor it is suggested that you opt for one which goes on to don both the hats.

Another important thing which you need to ascertain the process of choosing the best gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai is to figure out whether it is a male or a female as the advantage with both is immense.

Workplace of gynaecologist

These medical practitioners work in either medical or educational field. They are basically self-employed at their own chambers or clinics. But many of them prefer to practice at various hospitals, state agencies and charitable organisations. Many gynaecologists also choose to teach as professor in colleges and universities or do research in medical universities.

Why every woman should see a gynaecologist?

Making an appointment with a gynaecologist is a must for every woman from their teenage age. But many of them intimidate and avoid visiting them. Let’s discuss some reasons to make an appointment.

  • To discuss overall health condition- it is always recommended that women should start to visit a gynaecologist from the age of 13-15 years because hormones start to change in female bodies from then onwards. If any problem is diagnosed, it can be cured from root.
  • Visit related to pregnancy- one should see a gynaecologist for any pregnancy related issues or diagnosis.
  • Any irregularity of menstruation- any women’s menstrual cycle should not be ignored and keep in checking. Otherwise later it could cause reproductive problems.
  • Breast and pelvic exam- women exceeding 40 age should be recommended for breast cancer test. And women ages of 21 years and older than that should be examined with pelvic tests.

Many other health issues need women to go to a gynaecologist for tests and treatment.

Gynaecologists available in Navi Mumbai

As health consciousness is growing among ladies, thus seeing a gynaecologist is also start increasing. Many best gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai and other cities are available for ladies.

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