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Planning An International Wedding?

Planning An International Wedding?

Compare the Best Venues Around the World

When you think about the right venue for your international wedding, you should consider a variety of factors.

These factors can include:

  • Cost
  • Distance
  • Cultural connections
  • Activities
  • Personal interests
  • Scenic nature

Balancing these elements can help you determine the best destination for you and your guests. To narrow down your options for destinations, use this handy guide.



England’s rich history makes it a desirable location. Many buildings from its past still retain their historic architecture and are well manicured.

  • Highclere Castle: While there are numerous castles in England, this Newbury castle served as the backdrop to “Downton Abbey.” Whether you’re a history buff or a fan of the show, this venue is perfection.
  • Polhawn Fort: Cornwall is known for its sweeping views of the rugged seaside. You can capture that breathtaking beauty for your wedding when you choose Polhawn Fort for your ceremony.
  • Ashmolean Museum: Oxford is one of the most storied colleges in the world. Tap into that culture by booking your wedding at the Ashmolean Museum. The history provides an elegant backdrop for your future.



Australia is perfect for couples ready for adventure. The epic landscapes will provide iconic backdrops for your nuptials.

  • Mural Hall: This Melbourne venue is the essence of elegance. The classical style will make your wedding feel timeless, and the grand staircase serves as an excellent centerpiece for your ceremony. The venue can host 500 guests.
  • Icebergs: Bondi Beach is popular thanks to its picturesque sands. For the best experience in Bondi, try Icebergs. Located at the southern tip of the beach, it offers beautiful views.
  • Melbourne Zoo: Australia is known for distinctive wildlife. Share your big day with those animals when you book the Melbourne Zoo for your wedding. Different ceremony locales are available around the zoo.



India is bustling with energy and life. Accordingly, your Indian wedding will also be colorful and memorable.

  • Royal Orchard Fort Resort: For an upscale wedding, look no further than Royal Orchard Fort Resort. This Mussoorie venue is designed for absolute luxury. You can pick and choose the amenities for your ceremony.
  • Leela Kovalam: India has amazing beaches, and you can enjoy the best at Leela Kovalam. This hotel has carefully cultivated its beach for weddings, and receptions can take place on a cliff overlooking the water. Best of all, you can host a massive event with 900 guests.
  • Rambagh Palace: Located in Jaipur, this venue offers a royal atmosphere. This resort is full of landscaped gardens, and the architecture features Indian flair. Despite this historical feeling, the grounds are equipped with modern amenities.



The ancient culture of Japan is mixed with its modern perks. Enjoy the best of both worlds while welcoming your guests to a Japanese wedding.

  • Ritz-Carlton Tokyo: Embrace Japan by booking a wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. This luxury hotel is located in the downtown, and it has comprehensive support for all your wedding needs.
  • Kyoto Hotel Okura: Kyoto is a spiritual retreat. You can enjoy a modern wedding in this historical city at the Kyoto Hotel Okura. Because this hotel is so tall, you will be able to see all of Kyoto’s lush landscapes and shrines.
  • Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel: This hotel is the tallest in Japan, making it a memorable venue for your international nuptials. The views showcase the city, and your wedding will have delectable catering.

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