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Practical Training – Best Set

Practical Training – Best Set

In a previous article on practical tips telling how to improve your self-confidence, become more confident in the eyes, learn to maintain eye contact and smile. This time, tell you about a great way to overcome the fear of dating, going up to them at the girls.

Not all people that have problems, but there are those who need it the most difficult – to say the first words that adjoin. Such people are afraid of rejection, it will think the girl will think the people around. But the truth is that it does not matter, because first of all nothing can happen in the worst case – a girl you noignorēs and not say anything, but the people around them is that they themselves are worried about what others think of them, and so very busy with it, that really will not notice what you’re doing. Others might just sneeze that you will be able to do this.

Therefore, one way to approach the girl is quick – thinking. That would be it – you see a girl who loves smiling and go there. The sooner you do this, the better you own, so that neuzspēsi figure out all sorts of reservations about what she would say and why do not approach to her. Another good way is – going up to them as an old acquaintance, for example: “Oo, hi!” Or, “Hey, not seen” – if this girl you’ve seen before somewhere. Speeches may be different in sound and simpler, the better. And exposure to neiedomāsies that are not familiar.

The key is to realize that nothing bad can happen. Piegājāt to one, then switched to the next. The response will be different, so do not worry if you like smile or respond so every second or third girl. But first of all recommend just shake hands, say a compliment, the best anything banal, so it will be a plus if you spot uzspēsiet something special, which is exactly this girl, something of a garment or accessory and then praise it.

Then you can move on, the challenge is to meet with a girl and get a phone number or a date, but just learn not to be afraid to talk to strangers. So you can safely talk with the vendor stores and other service personnel, other people to public transport. Try to perform this task every day a week, every day of at least 10 stets and you will soon notice how much it will easily and naturally good at, and also nepārliecinātība will be lost, as will now be known as the girl would react.

Practical task:

Adjoin at least 10 girls every day during the week, say hello, tell compliment your name, you can wish a nice day, if a girl is receptive, and then just go away. As you can see a simple task, there is nothing horrible to fear, each able to do. And most importantly – nothing can happen!

Another tip – learn to go up immediately inform how to imagine, say to yourself “Everything go!” And go where you know that nepieiesiet, then do not say it. Learn to act quickly to neuzspētu sastresoties and figure out all sorts of disclaimers or the girl you might say, do not think of others instead.

Do not forget about your appearance, clothing, hair, perfume! You must be tidy and pleasant. Always walking present smile and be positive! Read, try these tips and pilnveidojieties. The next article will be about how to meet with a girl, and what to do next, the rest went to him and exchanged a few words.

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