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Why You Should Send Text Messages To Your Partner

Why You Should Send Text Messages To Your Partner

Text messages form the bedrock of mobile communication and it is the cheapest form, the only downside to it is that it has limited character options which might also not be a problem as this fosters creativity. Limitation of any sorts has been proven to foster creativity and inventions, so with text message character limitations you are forced to with creative with words, on a second thought though, messages can always flow into two or more pages and with the use of smartphones these messages simply just come as one standard message while you the sender is charged per page on your end. So why should you send text messages to your partner?

  1. To always remain on your partners mind

The mind is very dynamic and complex in nature, it gets bored easily, it always craves for new experiences and fun, so sending love text messages can help re-enforce and strengthen the bond you have with your partner by remaining constantly on their minds

  1. To express your feelings to your partner

Letting your partner know how you feel about them consistently is somewhat easier through sending messages, in letting your partner know you love them, you don’t just do it one time, it is something that should be done over and over again until it becomes second nature to both of you. This helps strengthen your relationship over time

  1. To influence your partners emotions and feelings towards you

By sending romantic text message frequently to your partner, you tend to have the upper hand in influencing their feelings, your constant love words and expressions will magnetize their feelings and emotions towards you like never before

  1. To keep your relationship alive and kicking

By messaging your partner regularly you engage their minds, for the ultimate relationship enjoyment a stimulation of the body and mind is needed, they work hand In hand, whenever the mind is stimulated the body will follow suit

Here are some love messages you can send to your partner right now

“I don’t even understand how and why I just sent you this message, well I guess it’s because you are always on my mind”

“You are always on my mind, so am sending you this message just to let you know”

“If I was to come back another life time I will chose to be with you again”

“You captive me, you motivate me, you complete me, am glad I found you, let me be the one to make you happy”

My name is Oluwa T Love, I write love messages, tips, stories and so much more @ LoveHood a love blog, I am not claiming to be a love and relationship expert, but I know a thing or two you can benefit from, trust me

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