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The Best Wedding DJ In Manchester

The Best Wedding DJ In Manchester

Almost anyone who has been to Manchester raves about thenightlife. The bars, the clubs, the buzz, the…wedding DJs?

Floorfillas  wants to bring your party to life. No more dead dancefloors when the DJ puts the ‘wrong’ track on and the floor empties as if by magic, everyone magnetically attracted to their drink or a smoke break.

Anton Joe, the DJ behind Floorfillas, is a club DJ as well as working for corporate and private clients at some of Manchester’s top hotels and venues. As such he has a wide knowledge of the best sets for all audiences. His systems can cater for parties of up to 200 people as standard, but he has the capacity to play to even larger parties by request.

No party these days is complete without a DJ. A bad one can ruin the vibe for everyone. A good one can leave a buzz people are talking about for months afterwards. For some people, a party is judged on the amount of alcohol drunk and the number of muscles pulled on the dance floor. For others it’s the volume and style of the music which makes or breaks the evening. Floorfillas has the ability and musical influence to keep everyone from hardcore clubbers to elderly relations happy.

Just about everyone has been to THAT party where something unplanned happens, and it goes from great to can’t-wait-to-leave in the space of a few minutes. Whether it’s another guest suddenly finding out how much they have drunk, a dancefloor-killing track, a fun quiz that goes wrong, or someone reacting badly to the food, chances are we’ve all been there.

Trouble is, no party is ever perfect. The sign of an experienced DJ in tune with their audience is knowing how to react when the unexpected happens. Stop the music? Keep the music going? Change the tempo? In Manchester, the DJ assumes an even more mythical status. Manchester, home of so many musical influences over the years, is still more than capable of offering a good party, even in the face of human unpredictability. Birthdays, school proms, weddings, corporate events and formal black tie events will all be enriched by a good DJ. Floorfillas, listed by Brides Magazine as one of the top 10 wedding DJ services in the UK, aims to meet all the usual criteria for these events. A double video projector screen can be used to show videos from the Floorfillas video library, or alternatively, can beam the host’s own choice of videos and photographs in a special presentation. The DJ systems used for these kinds of events are usually based on the size of party, and will include lighting effects as well as a suitable sound system.

Manchester knows how to make parties special. The DJ may be a very important part of that vibe, but they are not the only part. A skilled DJ such as Floorfillas knows this and will offer extras such as red carpet or mood lighting according to the client’s choice.

Manchester and music go back a long way. The DJ scene in the city ensures they will continue in close partnership for many years to come.

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