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“Twitter” is Launching a New Music Search Service

“Twitter” is Launching a New Music Search Service

“We have to release a” Twitter “-based new service” Twitter # music “, which will change the way people are looking for music,” said San Francisco-based company.

“It uses a” Twitter “activities, including records and contacts to identify and reflect the most popular songs and new artists,” explained the new nature of the service and the company said the new service will collect and musicians information provided “Twitter” about the new tracks.
Twitter “users will be able to listen to 30 seconds long snippets of songs that offers a service” iTunes “,” Spotiffy “and” Rdio “, but its main service provider in the U.S. technology giant” Apple “store” iTunes. ”

“So if you are interested in songs that” Twitter “record is cited by artists or people who follow you site, you can go to # NowPlaying to see and listen to the songs,” expounded “Twitter”.

“Rdio” separately announced that “Twitter # music» web browsers and applications «Apple» mobile devices will allow people to find out which songs are the most popular, and get recommendations for music selection on the basis of their “Twitter” entries expressed tastes.

The service will be able to see four musical sections – “most popular”, “rising stars”, “some of you” and “is currently being played” songs.

«Twitter» informed that the service is currently available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, while in other countries it will be available in the near future.


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