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Wedding Organizing Work Plan

Wedding Organizing Work Plan

You have decided to get married and do not know where to begin wedding planning and organizing work? It is not clear who and when is best to be done? Here I insert user-friendly to-do plan a wedding.

It is understood that not all decisions are made about getting married for a year or half a year before the wedding, and the frequency with which this event is organize much shorter period of time. If so, do not worry  present, grab a row for each running .
As soon as possible

  • To fix the wedding date
  • Figure out the wedding format / style
  • Determine the wedding budget and draw up a guest list
  • Matrimonial time and place reservations
  • Formal Finding and booking
  • Professional photographer and operator (if you want) Book (demanded by  professionals must be booked well in advance)
  • Book musicians (musicians demanded to be reserved well in advance)
  •  Decide and arrange to organize everything – themselves, trucks or  organizer
  • Decide who will chair the event – transporter or driver (if the driver is then necessary to choose and reserve)

3-5 months before the wedding

  • Submit an application for registration of marriage
  • Plan your wedding day’s key events and outline the scenario (including a second date if guests do not give breakfast at home)
  • Decide on a visual style wedding
  • Reservations required for other services-ceremony music, DJ’s, artists (if you want some special performances), florist, decorator (if necessary), sound and lighting (if needed), tent and dance floor (if required),  wedding car, and any other things you want to do or enjoy the wedding day
  • Invitations – choice and production
  • Prepare guests provided additional information about the wedding (attached to the invitation)
  • Costume matching and selection of a bride + groom
  • To be considered for a wedding gift
  • Chair covers, table cloths, dish and cup review, if necessary
  • First learning to dance if you want to rehearse the

2 months before the wedding

  •  Send out invitations
  •  Make-up artist and hairdresser Book
  •  Decide whether and how to present drinks and snacks after the ceremony
  •  Festive Menus matching
  •  To select a florist and agreed estimate of the floral decoration (place of the marriage ceremony, party place, a car, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, bouquets over)
  •  Calculation of the required beverage
  •  Must make child entertainer, the guest will be among toddlers
  •  Ring purchase or preparation
  •  Time to buy shoes and other accessories required for the bride and groom
  •     Begin to sew bridal gown, if it is not bought ready

Look for the bride jewelry

Look for the second day of costumes, shoes

1 month before the wedding

  • Must make a bridal make-up test
  • To lace bridal hairstyles test
  • Deeds have to buy drinks (alcohol + drink)
  • To select a bakery and wedding cake (including the league is cake tasting)
  • Must make an appointment with musicians and DJ on some music to play the ceremony and celebrations
  • Be prepared guest seating at tables
  • Be made place cards or seating arrangement Clipboard
  • Be prepared guest accommodation locationinto their private rooms (where celebrations for the night)
  • Be prepared gifts for guests, if you want to teach the
  • Bring their decor and the necessary attributes – candles and candle holders (maybe you can rent), cake knife + Blade, glasses (if you want any special glasses for yourself and / or guests), ring pillow, rugs (maybe you can rent), petal bags / baskets, song leaves the church (if required), other print jobs (paper, labels, post interest, diplomas, etc.), attributes mičošana (if needed), etc..
  • Purchased umbrellas, rubber boots (if you were not lucky with the times)

2 weeks before the wedding

  • Wedding Scenario alignment with the wedding manager (if applicable)
  • Kontrolzvans guests arrive for the wedding, or if one will not, then do not look or corrections seating and accommodation
  • Prepared for all the 3-linked their phone list.

A week before the wedding

Bring their things as may be required wedding day – cosmetic pouch + mirror, scissors, wipes, plasters + first aid kit, needle + thread, deo, extra tights, water and entree car, pen, pen, lighter, extra money for unforeseen expenditure
Beverages must be removed and the necessary attributes and wedding decor to party to go

  • Inspect some wedding day weather forecast
  • Not to schedule any kind of work on the last day before the wedding, except for beauty

Reckon that in the warm months, especially July and August are the most popular wedding months, so you can face the situation that you have chosen a service may not be available on that date, and therefore may need a plan B.

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