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Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co.,Ltd. CF650G Motorcycle Designated As Official Escorting Motorcycle of State Guests During APEC Meeting

This year’s APEC meeting, being held in Beijing, will feature motorcycle escorts for the leaders of 21 countries who will be in attendance. It also saw their appearance in the motorcade of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Nov 9th.The motorcycles were made by a Chinese manufacturer, Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co., Ltd. (“CFMOTO”). CFMOTO’s domestically-produced CF650G will be a feature of the summit. President Obama is slated to attend, as are the leaders of other countries.

The CF650G features a front face design that stems from the guardian lion statue in Tiananmen Square. The vehicle body is mainly white, decorated red and yellow as a symbol of a rising Five-Starred Red Flag.There are extremely strict requirements for escorting motorcycles. Besides stable running, they must enhance China’s and meet standards in areas such as design, power, safety, technique, operation and comfort.

Motorcycle escort is a top protocol arrangement for a foreign heads of state or government. In 2013 the Chinese government made clear that all escorting motorcycles must be manufactured by a domestic brand. CFMOTO stood out from more than 200 domestic manufacturers in the vetting program.

CFMOTO developed a new model in time for consideration in just 10 months, a process that usually takes several years. The bike’s 650cc parallel double cylinder engine is a reliable guarantee of power. It has a maximum speed of 177km/h and is the first domestic motorcylce to use an ABS system. Its windshield is resistance-free even at high-speed. It includes features that come from a number of innovative patents that have been included in a motorcycle for the first time. It even has an audio and video transmission function between vehicles and a control center.


A global manufacturing powerhouse, CFMOTO has been producing quality power sports products for more than 20 years and is the largest exporter of ATVs and UTVs in China. The company’s core values are continual improvement, innovation and quality – values that permeate throughout its distribution network in Europe, North and South America, Africa and China. Based in Hangzhou, China, CFMOTO has a 1,300-strong workforce dedicated to producing quality vehicles, engines, spare parts and components. More than 25% of CFMOTO’s employees are dedicated to research and development.

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